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Our Signature and Private collection offer a range of designer inspired Oud oil fragarences.

Our  Bespoke Oud Services and Exclusive Oud collection feature a variety of distinct rare fragrances unique to our brand. 

Be remembered, be recognised and let your scent speak for you. 


Exclusive collection

Vivid, unique and intense fragrances, each with notes of beauty deep rooted... 

Bespoke Oud service

Set yourself apart, and Indulge in the ultimate luxury; our bespoke oud... 

  • Signature collection

    Discover the signature collection, a mixture of popular signature inspired fragrances.  

    Signature collection 
  • Private Collection

    Travel through scent into a world of deep and delicate emotions. Step into the soft whispers of radiant rose, vibrant gardenia, or sweet jasmine. Surround yourself in warm musk and be consumed by notes of vanilla, golden honey and rich amber. Journey through and discover our private collection inspired by designers

    Private collection